Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crush of the Week: Pine Smell From Our Christmas Tree

My Crush of the week is the PINE smell from my real-live Christmas tree. I love it!! It's the most invigorating smell and it fills the house with such a festive aroma for the holidays. I Love It.

Every year we join a great group of friends and head up to the mountains in search of the perfect Christmas tree. It's always real cold and there is always snow on the ground......Lot's of snow. Last year Landon stayed in the warm car with Granny Linda but this year we decided he would enjoy being pulled around on his snow sled; looking for that perfect tree. Much to our surprise, there was no snow! It was so weird walking around the forest without the snow! Landon of course had no desire to walk so we took turns holding him..........workout.

We found a great tree................a big tree. We had to do a lot of pruning to get it to fit in the house but it looks great! Landon is somewhat fascinated by it all. He likes touching the lights! I imagine by Christmas he will have climbed the tree or perhaps played baseball with the shiny bulbs.

OH Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree - How pretty are your branches.

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