Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Life Lesson's From LD!

My husband and I would like to think of ourselves as "pretty good" parents but like all (of which only a few will admit) parents we continue to learn daily from our child, that stuff taught in Parenting Classes will only get you so far and then the military modo of "Adapt, Improvise and Overcome" comes in real handy. We learn daily what works with our dear child and how we can all live harmoniously together under one roof, which sometimes proofs to be very challenging. I am starting a new weekly post to highlight some of the awesome things Danny and I learn from Landon on a weekly basis.

Here goes.........

This week we learned that no matter how much planning goes into a late night out with child. Child has a bed time that is NOT to be ignored! Child will loose all cooperating skills thus causing a major meltdown after said bedtime has passed. Parents must not attempt to ignore melt downs and continue on with the nights matter how much you paid for the rodeo tickets or how hard you tried to entertain him. You must vacate the premises and run child to the car, only to find that your dear child is fast asleep once you get there. Fast asleep and as limp as a noodle when put into the car seat.

Dare you ask WHY he couldn't have fallen asleep while sitting in our laps so we could have watched the rest of the highly anticipated rodeo? Why? Because.............This child was sent to us to teach us over and over again that we no longer have a life or a say in what we can and can't do!!!!!

Stay tune for next week's lesson of the week from Landon.

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