Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why I LOVE being MOMMY

Holy Cow!!!!

This weekend while happily sitting down to eat at the mall’s food court, Landon had his first public temper tantrum…......and believe me when I tell you that what we experienced for 5 minutes seemed like 10 hours and it was so horrible. I’d rather get a bikini wax with "old not so hot wax" then to ever have to experience a Landon Tantrum in public. Danny and I sat silenced as on-lookers gazed upon Landon throwing himself about and screaming at the top of his lungs for no reason at all (snot and big tears running down the angered RED face).
We tried to calm him down but that only made him act worse so we just sat there………..eating our lunch……starring at one another questioning our existence on this earth………hoping that the two Granny ladies, sitting across from us would not start throwing holy water on the kid. When he finally decided that being crazy was not as cool as he thought it would be, I wiped his face of snot and tears and he happily ate his Pizza (which I had to go run to buy mid tantrum because I thought he was hissing because he didn't like the broccoli beef) and everything was cool. Smiles after each bite and for the life of himself he could not figure out why Mommy and Daddy had no smiles, were pale, had sweat beads dripping down their brow and were speechless.

Kids are so awesome. I think I want FIVE more. Kids Rock!

Dare I admit that the boy walked away from the mall with a damn toy and got to ride the carousel! I know............I know..........Danny and I need to take a parenting class! We know...................We comprehend.

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