Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Home Improvement Power Tools

I find much enjoyment in making off the wall comments that leave my husband and sister speechless and questioning my sanity. This weekend I made a good one and had both of them going for hours.

Danny and I had just finished our BIG painting project and he tasked me with replacing all the electrical covers (Is that what they are called?) using an every day screw driver. After finishing my task, I happily announced, "I love power tools!" Danny and my Sister immediately looked up from what they were doing and started laughing uncontrollably, "WHAT?" I asked as they cackled away on the floor. My sister was quick to inform me that the screw driver I was holding was not considered a power tool (duh!) and then she proceeded to ask, "Have you ever used a REAL power tool?" I darted her a blank stare, "NO" I replied "That is what husbands are for!" Teach her!

I continued calling the "straight" and "star" screwdrivers power tools for the rest of the day and each time they were quick to correct me on the differences between a power tool and manual tool. They also mentioned something about a straight head screwdriver and someone named Phillips but I was no longer interested in their "Reindeer Games!"

"Sorry" I am not the Tool Belt Diva and Mr. De Walt (Dano is a walking advertisement for De Walt) like the two of you!

Note to readers: They really believed I did not know the difference between the tools, can we say gullible? Neither realize I got an "A" in shop class in Junior High. Shoooot Dairie!

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