Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Preschool Progress Report: Week Two

Today I dropped Landon off at school and he was not a happy boy, which was funny because he was very excited about school this morning. He started crying (so sad I was on the verge of tears) and clung to me like a baby chimp to his mother. “Hold You” he repeated as I tried to put him down, scrambling to find a toy that just might captivate his interest long enough for me to sneak out. An adorable little girl (with cute boots....I want a pair) came over to us and asked Landon to play but he just starred at her as if she was some alien from outer space and said “No play now!” She laughed at him and ran off to play with some other little girl.

Convinced I was not going to be able to leave in one piece and that I would surely be late to my morning meeting, I scrambled through his bag looking for the one THING he is not suppose to have in public, the binky. My anxiety begun to kick-in and I could feel myself getting warmer as hints of perspiration begun to form under my clothes, OMG!! WHY? I FOUND IT, his vice the one thing besides MOMMY that makes everything OK, the damn binky, HALLELUJAH. He snatched it up (along with his bear) from me and a sense of happiness began to appear on his face. It’s working I thought to myself as I attempted to put him down so I could do my victory dance, HAHAHAHAHAH! He tensed up, started to wail, thrash and gnash his teeth……OK, OK you won, I picked him back up! The teacher sensing I needed some assistance came over and took him from me, he hissed and gnashed his teeth a little more. I kissed him and promised I would be back soon to pick him up and I left. Once out of sight, I peered through the window and he was fine! The hissing, the gnashing of teeth, a distant memory. He happily sucked his binky and held his bear; happy as a little clam. WHAT A TURKEY!!! Another parent looked at me and said, “That sucks! It’s so hard when they do that. Makes you feel so rotten inside!” AGREE, 100%.

My little whipper snapper! He’s so adorable.

I made it to my morning meeting with time to grab some well needed and deserved coffee. Tasty! A few minutes into the meeting as my boss begun to explain some important statistical data, I started sneezing and coughing up my lung. I think I have a cold!! GREAT. My head feel’s like it’s about to explode and my nose is defiantly going to fall off from this sand paper tissue.


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Anonymous said...

naw, sounds like when my dad droped of my sister in kindergarden for the first time =)

I guess it's normal, but good to hear another kid entering into paradies. gosh I miss that place!