Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Past Halloween's

We Love Halloween at our house!
I'd say next to Christmas, it's our favorite holiday. There's just something about decorating and getting dressed up for this holiday that makes it so special.

Landon was a cute and cuddly lion for his first Halloween. Due to the zero degree temperature, we stayed in that Halloween but we had a great time handing out candy and keeping the candy bowl away from our lion, who insisted on sitting in the bowl.
If I haven't told you once, twice.......I kinda got a thing.......for the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas. I love Jack and Sally! This was Landon's first pumpkin, JACK! He did an amazing carving, don't a think? Hehehehe, I actually managed to carve up this pumpkin. I usually draw the face and HUBS carves up the pumpkins, but I carved this one up for us.

Landon was more interested in his cheerios than the pumpkin carving. We let him play around with the top of the pumpkin, he wasn't too into it.

Fast Forward a year and the pumpkin carving was a whole different story. Landon loved it and was all about scraping the guts out. He kept saying, "Gross Mommy," but he insisted on cleaning out his pumpkin. That year we went with a more traditional face.

He was very serious!

Last year, Landon was a SKUNK for Halloween. I know, I know.......a skunk? I just couldn't resist the adorable costume and the striped tights? Holy Halloween, they were just too cute.
The weather cooperated with us last year and so we did a little "trick or treating" Landon had a blast and really enjoyed knocking on doors for candy. We couldn't get him to say "trick or treat!," but he was into it. He walked the whole block and every time someone would walk by, he would squeal with excitement. He got a lot of candy and since I am real conscience about letting him over indulge in "sweets," HUBS and I took one for the team and ate most of it. Hah!

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Mommy Heather said...

Can't wait to till next Halloween.........wonder what Jaycee will be.......