Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Fun Filled Night Out - Date Night

12/4 - Update - Landon's performance went well, he suffered a little stage freight that rendered him speechless, motionless, but there was not loud cries for help or gnashing at the teeth. We all agreed it went well for a group of feisty two-year olds. Landon's teacher is so cute and was so nervous, she was very proud of her Turtles!!!!
Last night HUBS took me to “the city” to see a concert. Our first concert in a Year and Half, ouch!

HUBS and I used to go to at least one concert a month, WE WERE ROCKERS, but now that we are respectable adults (whoa-hahahah), with responsibilities and a child (who is too young to go to said concerts) so we don’t go as often.

Last night we saw Staind, Seether and Papa Roach; bands we have seen before and really enjoyed. It felt so invigorating and adventurous to be out amongst the city folk, the young ins, the rockers. We saw many questionable people, partaking in very questionable “stuff,” which makes the evening all the more interesting and a constant reminder of just how happy I am to be 31, married with a wonderful son. Hahahahhahahah!!!

TANGENT - The YOUNG, clueless individuals of the female gender tend to act so DUMB at these types of concerts. I couldn’t help but roll my browns at them in sympathy because when it’s all said and done and the tour buses have drove away to their next city – Is it really NECESSARY to wear mere threads of clothing? Sell your sole to the gods of ROCK and disrespect yourself…..NO, NO, NO nessisito!!!! It’s not OK to get sloppy drunk and throw yourself at unsuspecting ROCK STARS, who might have the slight urge to partake in a little Reindeer Games with dirty little girls, URGH!!!!!! The MOTHER in me really comes out at times like this and it takes HUBS shoving another pricey beer in my hand to relax and just enjoy the show, to forget about the carelessness of young girls.

The show was GREAT.

Papa Roach, who I have seen a couple times was good. I have not seen them in some time and forgot just how good-of-a front man Mr. Shaddix is. He most defiantly got the crowd on it’s feet and hyped up for the show. They sang two new songs and then some oldies but goodies. I really felt old when he asked the crowd if they wanted to “go old school” and then sang something from their first album, Infest. Mr. Shaddix also did something I have never seen before at a concert………….he jumped off stage into the crowd and proceeded to sing his way around the venue. He walked right past where we were standing, he was so close I could smell is musty sweat beads – NO JOKE!!

Seether was the second band to take the stage. HUBS and I discovered SEETHER a couple years ago at a little venue in Boulder. They were awesome and we have been fans ever since. Last Christmas on our drive to Cali, HUBS and I listened to SEETHER over and over again, we became one with Seether. They helped ease the tension of the 22 hour drive, with two overly emotional women and a feisty two-year old. GREAT TIMES. Seether was BRILLIANT, they rock and rolled through their set and then had Aaron Lewis from Staind come out and they did the song Nutshell by Alice and Chains, one of my all-time favorite songs on this PLANET, not to mention one of OUR (HUBS and ME) favorite songs as a collective couple. I felt like we were the only people in the venue, with Aaron and Shaun serenading us to the luminous sounds of Nutshell. Ooh, how I love me some Alice and SEETHER. They ended their set with my most favorite SEETHER song, FAKE IT. That little song possessed me, next thing I know I was jumping and dancing around, singing my little heart out. For a brief second I thought my rocking youth had paid me a visit - I was YOUNG again, hahahhahahahah!

Staind was the last band to perform. HUBS and I have seen Staind about 100 times, combined. We dig them, maybe even love them. The last time we saw them I was prego with Landon. There I was with my belly, rocking out to the music – It was a grand sight and I can promise you I was the only pregnant lady there, BUT last night I saw two VERY pregnant girls rocking out! It was cool, maybe I played a special part in starting the belly rocking revolution………..hahahhahahahha!!!!

Staind was great and we stayed for half their set, but then I started getting hunger pains and I don’t know about you, but I become a little OSCAR when hungry. My feet started aching in my boots and I really wanted my bed, so HUBs took me thou a tasty drive-thou and we went home to a nice quiet house. Dog, boy and Aya all fast asleep in their beds.

It’s so great to be a Rocking Momma!
Stay tune for tomorrows post on Landon's first Christmas concert. I am not making any promises, but I might be posting a video, MAYBE!


Mommy Heather said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I know I had a blast at my first concert in years prego with Jaycee........"The Police". So I can only imagine those other mommies rockin out.

Liz said...

Wow... you guys really do like to rock! Glad you had fun. I'm the same way at concerts, I feel like a hall monitor or a mom, wanting to pull girls' straps up or cover them with a shawl. Not that would be a ready supply of shawls at a rock concert. :)