Monday, June 29, 2009

"As She Feels Her Veins With Lies"

This post has no rhyme or reason..............Really!!!

Last week I posted a real nifty post about my families LOVE of sushi. Blogger was either having a bad day or I drank one too many sips of HUBS PEE-BEE-RRR.......whatever the case; my post vanished, never to be found. I was mad and refused to post the rest of the week - MAD!
Every month I obsess on a new song........................last months was Lady GaGa: Paparazzi.

This month it's Tickle Me Pink - Madeline! I heart this song! Despite the kinda-sorta morbid lyrics, I still like it! I also am hip on the fact that these fellas are local boys and I am all about supporting the local music scene. Love it!

Until she saw the light
You will be remembered
We still have September

Landon had the stomach flu Thursday night into Friday. Friday was my day off and I had high hopes of spending the day in quiet solace. Sooooooo Wrong! I spent the day in the bathroom, assisting Landon - poor guy! I really can't complain because my child is now potty trained so there were no messy pants and sometime between his last bout with the stomach flu and this time, he learned to warn us about the need to vomit and he can totally puke in the toilet like a champ - Yahoo!!!! Such a proud Momma moment!

Yesterday we spent the day doing yard work - Ick! I don't like yard work - Nope! I don't find any enjoyment in pulling weeds, cutting the grass (because HUBS does that) or planting stuff. I just don't. I've done a lot of soul searching in an attempt to find my inner green thumb, but there's nothing there, I am void of any type of green thumb.
If I had the money to concrete my huge yard - I would. How beautiful concrete would weeds!!! Please don't get me wrong, I love flowers and trees and stuff to make my yard look pretty, but I only like it in pots and I only like stuff that requires little watering.
Low maintenance yard!
Since I despise weeds and pulling them I made a deal with HUBS. I would mow the lawn, if he pulled the majority of the weeds - DEAL! I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I mowed and mowed until all the flat surface areas of our yard looked perfectly manicured. I have blisters to prove it! I like mowing the lawn - it's better than vacuuming and I am a huge fan of the vacuum and it is a great work out.
Random pointless thoughts from my head - interesting! BTW - Don't you just love the pics accompanying this post. My boy is adorable. That was our version of the "Bird Man" duo. He recently got a hair cut so it's much shorter and more modern but he asks for a faux hawk everyday..............."Momma, I want gel and the bird man!" Cute!!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

I love the picture of Landon in this post.

BTW, I saw the post about your sushi night out and the candy. It just posted under June 2nd.

Jana said...

super cute fam! clicked on you from pdubs site!