Thursday, June 18, 2009

"You're the one they adore, who they came to see"

In case some of you men were confused. I had this conversation with Landon this morning.

Mom, what are those?” The child asks pointing to the protruding mounds just below my shoulders.

I wince, “Boobies!”

“I have boobies, Momma!” He tells me with a snicker, convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that he indeed beholds the boobies.

I pucker my lips, careful not to blurt out some obscene answer. “Hmmm-well.....I think boys have pecks and girls have boobies!”

Perplexed he replies, “I have pecks?”

“Yep,” I nod, “boys have pecks, girls have boobies!” I reiterate as he looks down at his pecks.

“Does Daddy have pecks?” he asks with a creased brow.

“Yes” I reply

“Does Emily, Aya and Auntie Mel have boobies?” he asks with innocence.

“Yep” I reply, with a strong sense of eagerness to END this uncomfortable discussion. I have found that the shorter the response with these type of discussions the quicker the conversation goes. Landon likes quick answers.


“Yes” Scared of where this conversation is leading me.

“I think I want boobies?” he tells me with a mischievous grin.

WTF…………WTF………….Why, me? Why am I always the one who gets these type of conversations.

“Sorry Charlie! That’s not the way you were made. You’re a boy – boys have pecks!”

“Pecks?” he asks again looking down at his chest.


Post Inspired by "We Made You" by Eminem

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