Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Our Best Blue Jeans Have Skoal Rings"

"Guys like me drink to many beers on Friday after work"

My Uncle, Aunt, Momsie and GIGI came for a nice long visit last week. I was very sad to see them leave. Why - you ask? Well, my family is very frisky, very willing to help with all things having to do with my yard and house. Stuff that Danny and I don't fancy, but eventually oblige too, after it's overdue so it's nice to have the motivation from the frisky folks.

While my family was here we (more like THEY) had numerous projects, including the demo of Danny's front yard nemesis - the petrified, deader than dead tree. It was somewhat dead when we moved into the house four years ago, but as the years whizzed by it got worse, way worse.

On an unsuspecting Thursday evening, the "boys" busted out the chainsaw and attacked the tree. Uncle Larry took the lead, showing Dano what he needed to do and then handed over the chainsaw. Now, I don't know about you but where I come from every Man had a chainsaw.

Men + Chainsaws + flying wood chips = Me - Hot under the collar - Hum Dinger!

There is nothin sexier than your husband, dirty from a hard days work, dirty boots and a chainsaw in your yard. Nice, right?

Uncle Larry is a manly-man. If you were lost in the forest with a book of matches and a buck knife, you would want to be lost with Uncle Larry. He would get you warm, make shelter and hunt you something to eat - Uncle Larry rocks. My U & A have three boys and although they are still young, I have a feeling they will be quiet the manly boys. Heck, Auntie Carol can pound a hammer with the force of a DUDE into petrified wood, all the while primping her hair in the mirror - NICE!

HUBS, grew up in the Bay Area city, total city slicker. BUT, since moving to Colorado he's become very manly himself. His Dad and Brother's are quiet envious of his new found manliness and can't quiet figure out what happened to the City Boy!

Because Halloween is rapidly approaching and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that holiday, I asked HUBS if he would give me the top of the tree to spray paint black as a nice Halloween, scary yard decoration. He laughed at me and chopped it to bits.

Here's the tree before it's fateful demise. Pretty grass, nice wild flowers, saucy roses but with a dead tree who really notices the "pretty" stuff.

"So rough around the edges
It's hard to believe that girls like you
Love guys like me"

Post Inspired by the Dead, Dead Tree and Eric Church - "Guy's Like Me

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