Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Damn Ronald McDonald

Danny and I are no strangers to fast food, specifically McDonalds. We indulge in a little rotten from time to time and I don’t know about you but there really is nothing better than a yummy cheese burger from McDonalds and salty/no trans-fat fries…TASTY. How could one go wrong with a food that cures HANGOVERS! There’s just nothing wrong about that now is there…..WRONG!!! Danny and I agreed after we had Landon that we would cut back on the fast food and set a good example for our son regarding eating habits which means that Danny’s McDonalds habit would soon become a distant memory. We have been real good about not eating it and never giving it to Landon. There’s just something about giving a child McDonalds that screams child abuse to me. I am perfectly aware that my child will someday want McDonalds and that I can’t keep the dirty little secret from him forever but I think it’s my job as his Mommy to provide him with healthy eating habits and an over abundance of yummy-healthy food to eat. Child hood obesity is every where these days and as a parent we need to be on top of it for our children.

Landon and I picked up Danny from a night of fun with our friends (too much fun if you ask me) and someone had a few too many adult libations and needed a little something that would help his queasy stomach……….McDonalds!!!!! I tried to suggest other options because I really couldn’t see myself feeding my child a hamburger happy meal but there I was in line at McDonalds; Landon on my hip……..debating what 700 calorie meal choice I was going to pick for him. I stood at the counter for what seemed like a small eternity, the employees starring at me as if I was retarded and never ordered McDonalds before because I couldn’t decide what to get my son. I decided on the fruit/yogurt combo deal and then a fish sandwich for myself…….exhausting! Danny finished ordering and I went to grab a high chair for Landon (please keep in mind this was a nice McDonalds……..fairly clean) and every high chair resembled something you would find deep in a rubble of trash at the dump, GROSS!!! Scared at the thought of all the lurking germs on all three high chairs I decided that I would just hold Landon. We get to our table and start eating and I immediately thought everyone was starring at me, judging me that I was feeding my son this horrible food! Danny was laughing at me and reassured me that no on was judging me. We laughed and continued to eat making wise cracks at one another while Landon stood in the booth and ate his grapes and yogurt (he did have a couple bites of my fish sandwich and a fry) all the while bangging on the near by window.

Next thing I know I hear shrieking from some female patron resembling someone’s Mommy but you really couldn’t tell because this lady was EVIL and cackling out demands for ketchup to her poor daughter, this lady was outrageous and so rude. I wanted to beat this lady up and rescue the poor Cinderella daughter but I think the lady would have squashed me with her SUPER-Deluxe SIZE soft drink. OMG!!!!!!! Are there really people like this in this world who are actually allowed to have kids? I quickly forgot about my soapbox of everyone judging me for feeding my child McDonalds and got onto my other soapbox of PEOPLE WHO HAVE KIDS WHO HAVE NO BUSINESS DOING SO!!!!!!!!!!! By this time we had finished and both Danny and I were glaring at the witch that sat deep in her booth, shoving fries and hamburger in her mouth. I was getting so upset over the whole sceanario that we had to go. Poor little girl.

The morale of this story is....................DON'T feed your child McDonalds on a Saturday afternoon. Not only is the food crap but you encounter the most colorful people in places like this. Hahahahhaha.

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