Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Love the Butterflies

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life we sometimes forget to take time for the “special” people in our lives, throw a kid into the factor and it becomes virtually impossible. I swore to all that I would be that Super-Mom that would continue to have the Rock-Star love-affair with their husband and still be a very involved Mommy. Unfortunately, I am nothing what I thought I could be……….NO Rock-Star Luva here, maybe Mommy but on some days that’s not even the case. It’s just so hard to be a wife and Mommy. My own Mommy was very neglectful in mentioning this small but very important role as a Wife and Mother. IM sure she thought nothing of it seeing as she is the epitome of Rock-Star Mommy.

This morning while getting into the car to go to work I became overwhelmed with butterflies in the stomach over Dano, as he slipped into his work boots and blew me a kiss….BYE…hahahhahahah CORNY but cute. There was no particular reason why this occurred since this is our daily ritual when we leave at the same time but today was different; he struck my love cord. He made me twitterpatted inside. At that very moment while sitting in the car, looking at Dano I felt like the Rock-Star Mommy so in love with my man and content with life. I love the butterflies!

I can only hope and wish that when we are old and gray and golfing around the world that he will still give me the butterflies.

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