Monday, May 14, 2007

My First Post - Random Funny

Today at work while right in the middle of an important email I begun to become overwhelmed with excruciating gas pains, it was horrible but a regular occurrence in my life. Normally I run to the bathroom and release but I really needed to finish the email and no one was around or even in the office today except for a few people who like myself were busy working. I surveyed my surroundings and thought to myself what could it hurt and I tooted and not sooner than I released the horrible gas pains did I hear the dumb printer behind me warm-up to print something. OMG someone was printing something. I started to panic and fumbled through my desk to find my B&B spray. I found it and and sprayed a couple squirts just as my co-worker Amie walked up, "It smells so good," she said walking to the printer. I begun to laugh hysterically and confessed, "I tooted and had to spray to cover it up!" We both laughed at my flatulence and then went back to work.

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