Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Drying Out

For the first time in my adult life I have been put on a budget which does not include my three to four day a week Starbucks habit. I'M not sure how I feel about sacrificing my indulgence for Starbucks (I'M still in the denial stage) but it must be done in order for me to stick to my budget per the household CFO and since I am a team player and will not give up my other habits, Starbucks really is the only sacrifice that I am willing to make.

Starbucks, as far as I am concerned is the best invention to mankind; it's everywhere and just delish!!! My favorite drink, hands down is the Grande Iced Vanilla Latte.........luv it so much.

I bought Starbucks coffee that I can brew it home but it's not the same. There is just something so exciting about the plastic cup with the Starbucks logo and the pretty green straw and the taste...........you really can't recreate that at home (I've tried).

Well.............I hope I can lead a normal life without the bucks in it. I hope I can be just as chipper and happy every morning as I am when I am on the bucks. I am sad and numb this morning. Drinking water trying to forget about the taste that I so long in the mornings. Hahahhah!!!!


gali said...
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Lace said...

You are hillarious! I enjoyed reading your blog today! My favorite, was your sweet husband blowing you kisses and giving you butterflies! LOVE IT! So sweet!