Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Little Dare Devil

I do believe that "Obsessions" run in the family because while I'M obsessing about the perfect wedding, Landon has become obsessed with climbing on anything and everything he can. Last week he decided that sitting on his John Deer ATV was no longer amusing and that standing on the front of the quad and the seat in socks would be far more exciting........OMG..........this kid is gonna give me a heart attack! Of course I shrieked in disapproval of his new stunts and he giggled with glee that once again he PUNKED me and now it's a regular occurance, trick rider.

Last night while Danny and I discussed adult things in the kitchen Landon decided that he would stealthily crawl up onto the desk and make us a pretty picture with the BLACK sharpie Mommy left on the desk; THANK GOD the cap was on the pen. When we discovered him he cackled with glee that he had been caught in the act once again. He quickly tried to finish up his masterpiece before Daddy ruined all the fun and snatched him off the desk. I do have to admit that finding him lurched over a pad of paper with the Sharpie busily trying to create something was too cute for words. What a creative boy we have to work so diligent on his masterpiece with the cap still on the pen...IMAGINATION soooo CUTE!!!

I'M sure tonight will bring a whole new adventure for us, full of squeals, screeches and laughter. There is never a dull moment when you have a young child who thinks he's the next Carey Hart or Ty Murray. The boy has no fear!

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