Friday, August 17, 2007

It's a Quiet Night

I find myself sitting in complete silence, (Do I like silence), no noise except the fan blowing in the wind and the muster of engulfing lyrics of someones random thoughts. Husband is currently on his first business trip and baby is fast's been awhile since I've visited my long lost buddy.....You know the one....."Buddy Of No Interruptions"........"FREE Buddy" I feel liberated and free to conquer the world................I should be listening to loud music all the while drinking red-red HERE..........walks in RA (Responsible Adult), the me who has has decided that the meaningless acts of the youth are no longer appropriate for someone of my most rightous stature.........hah! Life is good and the silence is great but IM starting to miss my remote thieving Honey and my DARREY (sad face). Instead of reenacting Girls Just Wanna Have fun, I find myself expressing my thoughts to wide open spaces. He's going to know I am missing all good-responsible wives should.

It's been a week full of CAKE and Rhinestone Cake Toppers but I think I have two things marked of the ever increasing WEDDING to do list. My mission for the week accomplished with a nice GOLD star. Wedding planning is a frantic hard-trip to MAD Women's Disease and more so for me because I have two............ soon to be three..........weddings to be different from. I think it's in my favor that I have become overly obsessed with the planning of this wedding. Crazy!! If someone would have told me months ago that I would be this person..............I would have laughed in their face and served them another! This wedding is messing with my mojo and my ability to control all things emo. Most Groom's get a beauty in white in their wedding day......Poor Danny, he's gonna get a straight HaGG in BLACK. The horror of a wedding! very afraid. I should be locked up/key buried in the basement and not be allowed to come out until May 2008; the day of my beautifully family planned wedding. Who would be so crazy.

Obsessed Bridezilla

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