Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2007 VMA's Sucked

I am very sad to post that the VMA's were HORRIBLE this year and made me feel like I had ADD. The show was bad! What was MTV thinking? I look forward to that show every year and for them to fail me in so many ways is just WRONG!

I think they could have salvaged the show by getting footage of the Kid Rock/Tommy Lee fight but "Noooooo" the footage they got was so dark that all you see is a mob of people rush into break up the fun!!!

All the performances in the different suites/clubs through-out the hotel was just LAME. They showed way to much of lame bands and not enough of the good bands! Booo MTV.

Linkin Park and Travis Barker from Plus 44 (who sat in the front row and then had to leave half-way thru the show because it was so horrible.) were the best thing about the show.

I can't even comment on the opening act because EVERYTHING about it stunk worse then my son's dirtiest diaper. And.........Sara Silverman...........seriously.........NOT FUNNY. She is more lame then the opening act. She's a raunchy hag who so doesn't deserve air time. Retire her from hosting shows, PLEASE.

The best thing (besides my boys) about the show was JT telling MTV they need to get back to their roots and play VIDEOS. How hard of a concept is this?

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