Thursday, November 15, 2007

HUGE Accomplishment Report

Last night for the first time in many months Landon went to bed willingly and on his own!!! We didn't have to bribe him with a million dollars.........ponies.......or bulls to ride! He just got up off the couch, walked to his room, climbed into his toddler bed and went to sleep. It was so amazing...........Danny and I were left speechless in the hallway.

What a big boy!

Since Landon turned the BIG 12 months he has refused to sleep in his crib and being the lazy parents that Danny and I are we let him sleep with us..........BIG really is in your best interest to listen to the advice given about allowing your child to sleep with you.......Don't Do It!!!! It got so bad that when it was bedtime and we would tell him it's time to go read his bedtime story, he would run to our room and climb up on OUR bed. He refused to sleep in his crib and would throw the worst, most painful temper tantrums known of babies.

After months of enduring feet, hands and his body strewn upon us at night I got the bright idea that we need to get rid of the crib and buy him a big boy bed..........after all he enjoyed sleeping in our bed so much, why wouldn't he like one of his very own so we piled into the car one Saturday and went big boy bed shopping. We decided on a nice wooden toddler bed. Danny and I spent many-a-nights curled up on the floor of Landon's room trying to convince him that this bed was magical and would protect him from all the night creatures of our house better than Mommy and Daddy's un-magical took a lot of convincing, wiping of tears and promises of paying tuition to ivy league universities but I think we are there and I am such a proud Mamma!

Landon You Soooo Rock!

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