Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top 10 Things I Despise About the Holidays

1. Car Christmas Decorations - Gimme a break people
2. UN-Thoughtful Gifts............People give you things you do not like/never use
3. The need for everyone to be politically correct about "Christmas!!!!" Who cares MYOB!! Merry Christmas and Deck the Halls.
4. Waiting to the last minute and then trying to shop for gifts
5. Lame Christmas Parties
6. Toys with lead-based paint!!! Damn China
7. Christmas themed clothes.............especially Sweaters (accessories/socks are OK)
8. The Crowds - Especially Screaming Kids who should be home with a babysitter!!!!
9. Neighbors that are too lazy to decorate the outside of their house
10. Stores that don't' keep their store clean during big sale days and who forget to staff accordingly

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