Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Tree Tackler

The last couple days I have noticed Landon has been trying to tackle the Christmas Tree. He's very sly about it as if he was on a covert mission from the CIA. He cautiously sneaks into the living room, looking around corners and behind furniture to ensure we are preoccupied and just when he clears himself for take-off, he runs full speed into the tree dives head first and does a little body roll to make sure he gets good and tangled up in the tree branches and lights, he then pops his head up with the biggest grin awaiting an applause for the efforts put forth for such a stunt.. Unfortunately he is awarded with shrieks and then a long time-out.

I have to admit that this little stunt of his is absolutely hysterical but since we are trying to raise a nice young man (one that doesn't tackle Christmas trees) we have to discipline him through clenched hysterics. It's very hard to discipline him when you know he's just trying to be funny. Unfortunately he doesn't understand that the tree is not for climbing or tackling; he stares at us from time-out with such disappointment that we didn't enjoy his stunt as much as he did but it's for his own good that we reprimand him for tree tackling. Can you even imagine if we were to turn a blind eye to this and he grew up tackling trees...........OMG, that would be so embarrassing for him. We are doing you a favor my son!!

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