Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Another winter storm swept through the snow covered Rocky Mountains this week, leaving us another blanket of thick snow to cherish or despise. The snow that is happily admired from the warmth of the house. I don’t mind the snow as it brings much winter entertainment to my family but for some reason this year I am just not that into it.

I swear we have received more snow than last year but IM told that is not true (it is……….it is), that last year we received so much more. Last year I loved every single snow flake we received but this year is not the case and I believe the reason is because we drove across three states (four including CO) and there was nothing but snow for miles and miles. There was ICE snow and let’s not forget the treacherous BLOWING, CAN’T SEE IN FRONT OF THE CAR snow. Snow of all kinds!! I don’t know about you but that much snow is just not good for the sole. That much snow makes you delusional and you start to think up very imaginative scenarios; like what would I do if we got stuck in a snow storm and were stranded on the side of the road for a couple hours or a day……………..with a feisty toddler……………an ice chest full of energy drinks and a box of snacks, of which the feisty toddler could devour in a matter of hours! (note: I would cry, cry, cry and then drink all the energy drinks with hopes that those drinks would provide me with enough energy to fly the car like Superman to California).

I long for a warmer time, spring days, when I can stroll through our neighborhood and be delighted by the surprises that winter left behind, like who is preggers or who got a fancy new car. I long for a time, when I can visit my favorite National Park and put my new camera to use by taking pictures of amazing wildlife and the beautiful scenery this state provides.

The days of favorite time of year. Soo until Mother Earth delights us with Spring, I’ll wait patiently as winter wreaks it’s havoc and taunts us with faint smells and the warmth of Spring time.

The I've Had Enough of Winter MOMMY

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