Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rock On Little Man

Friday Night, we were partaking in some quality-chill family time while patiently awaiting our favorite Friday night shows to come on so I decided to indulge in a little FUSE television. BD (before Landon) all Danny and I watched was music television but since our little bundle of joy, we have not been watching (reality tv shows have killed the video star). In previous post’s I have made it super-dee-duper clear that my son has a passion for music, he loves to sing, dance and listen to music of all kinds………..he loves it. Anyho…….we were watching the Alternative Rock countdown and just as the video began and Landon took notice he begun to ROCK OUT and this is nothing new, he rocks out all the time but this time he jumped up on the couch and started jumping up and down and shaking his head from side to side with such vigor, totally crazed. Danny and I laughed and then of course joined in the fun and started rocking out with him and when the song was over I turned to Danny and said:

“ He’s going to be the only child in preschool with a tattoo!”

Danny started laughing so hard by what I just said, he almost projected the tasty swig of PBR. He continued to laugh at me and replied:

“You are so crazy, The only kid in preschool with a tattoo!”

Rock On Little Man………….Rock On.

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