Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Like A Rock - 100% All American

This week I have been rolling ol’ school, I have been driving my old friend, Mizz Ol’ Blue, a 98 Chevy Cavalier. I always drive our newer SUV but Danny has needed it the past couple days so I agreed to drive Mizz Ol’ Blue and I have to admit it’s been nice! I’ve missed her soooo! She needs a bath from being buried under a foot of snow but other than a little dirt, she runs great! She is a rugged ol’ gal, a manual engine, she’s lacks today’s power locks and window luxuries but I don’t care. She has an amazing radio with good sound, she’s in great physical condition and she’s zippy, even in her old age. I feel 10 years younger just driving her. There is something invigorating about zipping my way to work, reminiscing with her about old times. It’s a thrill as opposed to driving Ms. Daisy who just cruises along like a MOMMY car, with toys and a larger than life car seat in the back seat of which I don't mind at all.

Mizz Ol’ Blue and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in April. I got her as a wee-tot, brand spanking new off the lot. She was a beauty. She was my first brand new car and so we have this bond, this connection with one another. We’ve traveled California several times and made the big trek to Colorado with one another, she’s part of me, we have an attachment so you can imagine how horrified I was when Danny suggested we sell her to the neighbor boy who just got his license………..THE NERVE. Danny doesn’t understand that she’s retired now, she’s paid her dues on the roads and now she just needs to rest and be driven from time to time. I would never subject her to teenage angst. He also tried to sell her off to some trashy people, who were in desperate need of a car, I considered it, thinking it might be very humanitarian of me but we didn’t. I am not selling her, NEVER! I’M going to drive her until she can’t drive now more and if that means she’s still around when Landon starts driving in 2022, then she can be his car.

I love Mizz Ol’ Blue!

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