Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Gross Mommie"

I can’t believe I am writing about this but it’s so funny and embarrassing, I can’t resist.

Last night for whatever reason Landon woke up screaming and since he made no effort to walk his self to our room, I (like all good Mothers) pulled myself out of bed and dragged myself to his room to retrieve him or console him. I found him sitting upright in the middle of his bed, sobbing in the dark, binky sitting next to him. I asked him what was wrong and he cried, “MOMMY” so I hugged him, scooped him up and took him back to our bed because I was too tired to get comfortable on his floor. We crawled into bed and nestled into the warm covers, Danny snoring logs was oblivious to the world or that his son was just screaming at the top of his lungs in the dark. Landon and I got comfortable and out of now-where… I TOOTED…very loud! It wasn’t a regular little womanly toot, it was loud (I think it woke the dog in the kitchen), juicy and it went on for days (SO DISGUSTING, HELP). I immediately burst into hysterics, mortified by the noise that just crept from my butt cheeks, I continued to laugh uncontrollably. Danny started laughing (What? He's awake?) and we both continued-on for several minutes, finally he tells me, “ I think you better go check your pants!” OMG the horror, wasn't he just asleep? My poor son even had something to say about it, “Gross Mommy!” as he scooted far away from me.......OMG, poor boy. Poor, Poor Child............Is this going to scare him for life?

What type of Mother does that to her son? Me

What type of wife does that in front of her husband? Me……….How attractive!

“Gross Mommy!”

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