Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bed Time Follies

Danny and I are very BAD about letting Landon sleep in our bed at night. I don’t know why we allow the little fella in our bed but we do and we are OK with it. So what if he sleeps like a mad man, tosses and turns, slaps and kicks. It’s all in a good nights rest. Anyho…………a couple of months ago we decided that we were going to make him sleep in his own bed. It lasted a couple weeks but slowly over the course of a couple week’s Landon creped his way back into our love nest at night and I would wake up in the morning and there he would be or I would wake up in the middle of the night to a little boy bumping his way around the room.

This past Monday we decided that we were very serious about him sleeping in his own bed so I told Danny, “You can put him to bed, tonight! And I will tomorrow!” Danny agreed. Come bed time Landon protested a little but we convinced him that Big Boys and Cowboys sleep in their own beds and since he is 100% sure that he is a Big Boy and a Cowboy; he was convinced and went to bed but much to Danny’s dismay, he didn’t want to go to bed in his own bed and he made Danny chase him through the house as he laughed in hysterics at his brainless Parents (forgot to mention: that Landon had to go to bed an hour earlier than his normal bed time because he was naughty). Last night was my night to put the sweet boy to rest, and the boy went right to bed, no problems, no convincing. I “rock” I thought to myself as I walked into the living room. I looked at Danny and said, “Now, that’s how it’s done!” chuckle, cackle, chuckle!!! Not amused by my “I AM the shiznit!” comment, he called me out, reminding me that he put Landon to bed an hour before his normal bedtime!!

WHATEVER! I felt slightly silly but I got him to go to bed in less than 10 minutes! hahahah.

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