Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy B-Day Mulania

Today is my youngest sister’s birthday – Happy B-day Mel!!!

My youngest sister is a fashion queen; she loves buying pretty clothes and shoes with big price tags. She always has pretty hair, nails and toes. If she had to choose between food or a pair of jeans, she would pick the jeans. Her life is centered around fashion in every sense, although this was not always the case. Growing up she was a total tom-boy, she did not think twice about what she wore or what she looked like. Sadly, Mel is from the era of the stretchy pant and so thanks to my Mom (bless her hear) that is all her wardrobe consisted of, she had every color of stretch pant known to the fashion world. I don’t recall Mel ever wearing jeans and this is probably why she has expensive jeans and always look’s like she just stepped-off a runway.

Mel attended an after-school daycare with three very mean little girls that befriended her but would always pick on her and be super nasty towards her. One day while at daycare, Mel was swinging on the bars pretending to be Aerial Under the Sea, minding her own business and all of a sudden she felt her stretchy pants slip to her knees!!! The three little witches (Mel’s so-called friends) thought it would be funny to pants her in mid-air and because she wore the stretchy pants, her pants slid-right-off exposing her pretty panties to the whole playground.
Mel was horrified and traumatized so badly that she tried to burn all her stretchies but my Mother convinced her to wear them again (with suspenders, heheh kidding) It was not long after this incident that Mel started to take an interest in what kind of clothes she got and wore, hence the birth of the Fashion Queen.

Happy B-day

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