Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free Falling

The other afternoon our boy decided he was going to give his MOMMY a little excitement and indeed he did. He pushed and pushed and dragged his quad up our "little" hill in our backyard and then rode down! The hill is pretty steep and I thought about telling him "NO" but then I remembered our weekend of temper tantrums and the frothing of the mouth and decided a couple scratches from him falling off would be far better than hearing his tantrums so I "let him go" and that's exactly what he did. He didn't even hesitate, he pushed himself over the ledge and came roaring down the hill like a bird soaring through the sky. He reached the bottom of the hill (in one piece, no broken limbs/head) and had a look of pure excitement and then had a mile long grin, so proud of his accomplishment. The little dare devil went on to conquer the "bigger" hill in our backyard, he's crazy!

Here he is just about to push over the ledge

He's roaring down the hill - Looking a-whee bit concerned

Here he is giggling at the excitement of flying down the hill

Note: Danny and I were right there supervising his reindeer games, ready to catch him should he decided to go head first over the bike.

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