Monday, April 14, 2008

The Terrible Two's Have Arrived

There are few (very few) weekends that I wish would just hurry up and end (I love my weekend and I never want them to end) but this weekend was defiantly one of them. Terrible two’s have arrived in our home and I don’t think they are going ANYWHERE!!!

For the most part my son is a pretty cool little kid, he minds fairly well, doesn’t get into too many things and despite his occasional stubborn steak he is a very lovable little guy. Unfortunately, that was not the case this weekend, he was ROTTEN and on a number of occasions I found myself escaping to the bathroom or the closet to hide from him (random mumblings), which didn’t work because every place I hide, he found me and then would SCREAM and BANG on the door until I emerged. He was a mad man! He would be normal and then in a matter of seconds would metamorphose into the demon seed and wreak havoc upon everyone in our house, even the Very Spoiled Dog had issues with the kid and steered clear by staying outside most of the weekend, which is very unlike our dog.

Is this what the next year has in store for us? Is my poor child going to be the "naughty" boy in class that always has to sit in time-out and who no one wants to play with him because he lacks the necessary sharing skills that little kids need when starting preschool? The horror! Why now? I'M very afraid, very, very.

I guess we will be partaking in week night HAPPY HOURS because I don’t know about you but wine makes everything so HAPPY, even the crazy kid who pokes and prods the dog, beats the furniture with his “olf” clubs, screams and throws himself about seems a little less intimidating after a BOTTLE of wine.

AND to top the whole weekend off, I have a monster zit on my chin that is gi-normous! I think it's the largest one I have ever had. I used two pounds of concealer this morning trying to cover up the darn thing and I put on eye make-up which I typically do not wear to work because it takes too much time and who really cares about looking good at work anyway, presentable but not good but I was thinking the eye make-up would be a deterrant for people starring at my ugly, huge, puss filled ZIT.

The horror of my weekend, scary.

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