Thursday, April 24, 2008

Girl Interrupted - Whoa is Me

Our visiting family left yesterday and I think I have a hang over from all the excitement that was had while they were here. I am sluggish, feeling like I want to spend the day in bed, headache and well just down right sleepy. My weekend schedule of lounging around in my PJ's and taking long naps on Sundays was totally interrupted.

The excitement of my 10 month old baby niece and my Mom chasing after the 10 month old was just two much for a thirty something gal to keep up with. I seriously forgot how much work the young babies are.....WOW! Throw in a temper tantrum having two-year-old and we have a great reality series in the making. Driving to the airport my Mom expressed the following while describing an outing she had with both monsters in public, "I was sweating more than a woman in labor, Michelle!" HOLY MOLY! I know the feeling.

I could be feeling hung over from all the fun that was had at my two-year old son's b-day, we had a rip roaring time full of gifts, balloons, colorful streamers and the magically delicious piece of cake I ate (actually shoved) into my mouth which was by far the most delicious Micky Mouse cake I have every sunk my pearly whites into. God that was good.

I has come to me; It was the ecstatic text message I received from a dear friend informing me that she and her husband are joining the MOMMY DADDY club! The excitement was felt thousands of miles away. I always feel an overwhelming excitement when another friend falls victim to the babes. I am not alone in my madness, WHOO HOO!

Whatever the reasons, I hope I get over my ailing symptoms before the weekend because I have a "TO DO" list a mile long. There will be no time for selfless acts of sleep or lounging around in my PJ's all day. I have mission critical things to accomplish this weekend, PEOPLE! Hehehehe, Hahahahahah, I laugh in the face of a "TO DO" list.

I think I hear a piece of tasty chocolate cake calling my name......oh wait......that's my dog wanting to come inside, crapes!!! It's dark out. Poor dog.

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