Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Stomach Flu

I just spent the past two days haunched over the toilet and in bed with the stomach flu. Oh how I hate the stomach flu, damn you! You no good evil bug! I really could never have a eating disorder that consisted of purging because the act of vomiting hurts my whole body and I could never willingly "toss my cookies" My heart goes out to those folks.

Sunday night when I was lying in bed, DEAD, unable to lift my head let alone my body...........I heard a loud cough, then "YAK, SPLAT, MOMMY!, YAK, SPLAT, MOMMY!!, YAK, MOMMY!!!" I jumped out of bed and ran to the dining room ( disheveled hair and all) to find my poor husband standing in the midst of a VOMIT River with my poor boy standing on his chair; vomit, spit, tears and snot running down his face as he cried hysterically for his "MOMMY". Danny and I looked at one another in complete horror and then in a split second, we went into action. I snatched up the boy, stuck him in the sink and began cleaning him up (OMG, it was a mess), forgetting for those several minutes that I was near death with sickness. My only thoughts were my boy and getting him comfortable. It was horrible, the dog even ran outside and had no interest in coming back indoors, BAD STUFF.

Soon after we got the mess cleaned up I was back in the bathroom and remained there for most of the night but every time my son called out for me I would "suck it up" and would assist in tending to his needs if only to hold his hand and console him as he sat on the potty.

A Mother's work is never done.

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