Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom - You are Fabulous

Today is a joyous happy day as it’s my Mommy’s birthday. She turns the big 5-1 (sshhh, you didn’t hear it from me) and is very “fabulous in her fifties”. She’s works-out, takes good care of herself, and has many friends who adore her and she’s pretty popular with her family, especially her three daughters. She is a wonderful Mom and an even better Grand-Mommy to her two grandchildren, my son just adores her and loves when we visit her or she comes to visit us. He loves his Grandma.Growing up my Mom was very meticulous about keeping a clean house (puts me to shame every time) and having order. Wonderful traits that I do not poses (either do my sisters). She is a go-getter and get’s things done, which I envy because I am more of a laid back, wait until the last minute to do anything type of person (I have accepted and come to appreciate my faults…sometimes). I bet she often reflects upon her girls and wonder’s where she went wrong and how after eighteen years of living with her and learning by example that none of us girls can hold a candle to her!!!! The sadness she must feel, hahahah, I-Joke! Here are some prime examples of my Mom’s greatness.

Do you know anyone who can clean a three story house, do five loads of laundry, pull an acre of weeds and then make breakfast for a house full of people before they even wake up?…………I know a person! My Mom! She is always on the go doing something, busy little bee!

When we first moved into our house I casually mentioned that it would be nice to build a dog pen for the very Spoiled Dog (this is when he was terrorizing me every day and I wanted to do real rotten things to him like take off his collar and casually leave the gate wide open for him to run FREE) and next thing I know my Mom was dragging me through Home Depot, buying all sorts of dog pen supplies and then once we got home she started building the pen; driving posts into the ground as if she were Wonder Woman. I sat on the shady porch, sipping my lemonade in total admiration. Lucky for me, Danny got home shortly after she started her big project and I did not have to help (thanks babe!).

There was also the time my sister caught my Mom hanging off the very steep roof of her three-story house cleaning out her gutters and sweeping up pine needles, What– the–heck! My sister asked her what possessed her to climb onto her roof, hang off the side of the house and clean the gutters and she simply replied, “Someone has to do it” as if it was perfectly OK for a middle aged woman to hang 100 + feet up in the air cleaning gutters. Shocked by her actions we reminded her that she has THREE able bodied nephews (strapping big, strong boys) and a brother (also big and strong) who would be happy to help her and she simply rolled her eyes at us disgusted at the thought of our suggestion and said, “Why on earth would I ask them!, I am perfectly capable!!” Years later after a couple cocktails and around the table confessions, she confessed that she had almost fell to her death cleaning out those gutters, MOM!!!!

Happy Birthday Mom, You are inspiring and I hope someday (I truly do) your “get-up-and at yum” attitude wears off on me and I too can help my kids get-err-done!

Happy Birthday!!!