Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Questionable Behavior

Since I didn't set deadlines or lay down some ground rules for the "Name My Cowboy Crush" Everyone who has posted a comment as of right now is a winner, although anonymous Amie is the BIG WINNER!!!

L.J. Jenkins is the correct answer!!! Prize is my treat at Starbucks!!!!

Amie - I'll buy you a hot coco or we can go to our fav lunch spot one of these days.

Jaimee - I applaud your guess (Justin was the old crush BUT he remains my #1 CC of all time), valiant effort. We'll do coffee next time I am in town.

Sister Heather - "LP" are you thinking of "JB" You are getting a little rusty!! I'll get you coffee tomorrow.

Thanks for joining in on my shenanigans!!!

I am so appalled with myself right now (haha..i-joke, i-joke haha)

HISTORY behind my questionable behavior: Since my #1 Cowboy Crush, Justin McBride is currently injured and not riding bulls, I had to find a new PBR Cowboy Crush and after a couple months of searching for the perfect crush; one who could ride bulls and have a cute tooshie in cowboy jeans, I found one! Well…….until I found out his age. My crush is 20 years old, a mere whipper snapper compared to my ripe, very experienced age (what in tar nation was I thinking? Cute tooshie in jeans? Hmmm, can’t say?). He was born when I was 11 years old for pete's sake!

I was feeling a tinge of guilt about my crush so I confessed to Danny (he amuses me by telling me I’M crazy and then laughs at me) about having a crush on someone so young; someone who could totally be my son’s friend (not really but I’M trying to make a point) someone who is the same age as my son’s babysitter (Ewe), someone who was barley entering his innocent high school years as I was hanging on Sunset Strip, sipping coronas and trying to be ooh-so cool to impress the likes of my future husband (remember those days, HONEY). Rotten, rotten shenanigans! I need to find a new Cowboy Crush, one who is at least a year, maybe two or three within my age!!! That might not be possible!

FIRST person to name my CRUSH (don’t cheat and look on the PBR website) get’s a surprise!!!! Comments section is open and waiting for your reply!

Disclaimer: I am very prone to having little crushes, here and there, with well-known, almost always famous people. My husband is perfectly aware and although he thinks I am a total “NUT", he humors me. Little crushes are good for the sole. A girl can dream, right?
Hehheheeh I-JOKE


Anonymous said...

Heck, I don't his first name, Justin???? ~Jaimee

heather said...

Would it be LP Jenkins.......

Anonymous said...

LJ Jenkins!!! :) I am good!!

Galmaran said...

See Please Here