Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Update as of 10:37 on 4/1: Date Night went exceptionally well. We had a fun time although I did find myself thinking about my boy and what he was doing with his Auntie and whether or not he missed me.....hehehhe. I'M such a MOM!!!! The Nuggets won, it was an exciting game (Danny had a blast).

On our drive down to the big city (heheh big city) we did come across some guy who did a nice face plant into the street. I think he had one too many Colt 45's! The poor guy's feet never left the side walk, sad :( As we passed by a good Samaritan warded off traffic as another checked for any sign of life. Thank goodness the fire station was a block away. That guy is going to have a really bad headache tomorrow!!!!

All in all it was a great night. Dinner was tasty but my MARGARITA was the best. CHEERS!!!!

Thanks to my work we get to have a night-out, kid and dog FREE, with the Nuggets! Whoo Hooo! I plan on having a couple beers, eating a wonderful (uninterrupted dinner) and then watching a action packed basketball game. I like basketball but do not closely follow who is doing what, my husband tells me, "It's going to be a great game!" I don't care if it was a horrible game and the Nuggets got creamed up by Shaq..............all I care about........ is spending quality time with my husband w/out the Little Spaz-o and the Spoiled DOG, FUN! Never a dull moment with those two.

Date Night, Date Night............married couples (with kids) love date night!!! I get to go out on a date night, date night. There's a dance that goes along with this little jig but I think I will leave it up to your imaginations.

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