Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bustin Through The Cow Pasture in a Blaze of Glory

Today we reached a major child rearing milestone, THE BOY had his first day of daycare. For the last two years we have been so fortunate to have my sister living with us and helping us raise THE BOY that we didn’t have to worry about childcare or having to take him anywhere which worked REAL well for us because neither Dano nor I are morning people and we tend to have issues getting ourselves up and off to work, throw a child into that mix and pure chaos would ensue. Thank God for sisters like mine! Unfortunately, my sister has decided to move back to our hometown to start her own life, I don’t blame her by any means BUT….but…..but…...I posses a hint of selfishness and NEED her. I begged and pleaded with her to stay but she told me, “NO” and that she has a “LIFE, TOO!” AS IF……..Hello……..it’s here with us and taking care of your adorable nephew.

Rewind to January……frigid cold temperatures.

Many months ago we started the quest for childcare and my sister and I visited a couple places, some of which I don’t think I would allow my dog to attend (BL we used to take THE VERY SPOILED DOG to DOGGIE DAYCARE…..no joke). We visited a new facility I read about at work and I instantly became 100% head-over-heels in-like with the place. They have a great curriculum, a wonderful facility geared to foster any child’s development and bright-cherry teachers. Perfect, for our son.

FAST FORWARD to a couple weeks ago.

The past couple of weeks we have been telling THE BOY about how he is going to school and how he is going to have so much fun playing on the playground, meeting new friends and of course LEARNING all sorts of new things. He was excited and we were getting very excited for him!

So yesterday, while at work, I was chatting to Dano about THE BOY going to school and I totally lost it and was on the brink of tears. It hit me like a-ton of bricks that my baby was venturing out into the world and for the first time in his life would be in the care of total strangers and would be without his parents or his A-YA for an extended period of time. The horror I begun to feel, Dano could sense my tears and filled me full of nice words of encouragement and I felt a teeny-tiny bit better but was still filled with all the anxiety of sending off my child, my baby, the one I carried for NINE months, labored 17 hours of exhausting labor for, was cut open for (while my husband confessed to the doctor’s that he “LOVED GUTS!”), the one who melts my heart every time I look at him……….That ONE, that adorable little guy who you have to take to a place you have little to no control over. So this is what MOMMY anxiety is all about.

I pined most of the early evening in silence over the fact that THE BOY would be going to daycare and then in the midst of him throwing his dinner all over the dining room, laundry, watering the grass (dark clouds produced no rain – DAMN) and the delightful child refusing to go to bed, I forgot about my demented thoughts and happily went to sleep in my comfy bed with THE BOY attached to my side.

Dano and I agreed that we would take our time for THE BOYS first morning of daycare and get to work when we got there so we all got up at a reasonable time (of course I at the butt-crack of darkness). My sister happily agreed to make us breakfast, a tasty favorite of Pancakes and Bananas. Dano gave THE BOY his bath and encountered a teeny-weenie tantrum but was able to easily defuse it, Super Dad! I got THE BOY ready in a cute new school outfit. Easy-pessy……..NO tantrums, NO foaming at the mouth from MOMMY or THE BOY, PERFECT!
We left the house far earlier than I had thought and we began the drive to school. THE BOY sat in silence as he often does in the car, gazing out the window, wondering why he was up, in the car, driving someplace amongst the crazy traffic of the work folk. A favorite song of his came on, George Strait, so we sang along to George and next thing we knew I was pulling up to the school. The horror begun to fill my stomach, again, and I thought about crying, puking (but since I hate puking), driving through the neighboring cow pasture in a blaze of glory, hahahah that would be funny.....LUCKY for us I have small amounts of self-control so I reluctantly parked the car, got THE BOY his stuff and we all walked into the cute, new smelling school that will soon become my son’s second home. My body tensed and I begun to cringe when I saw screaming twins. I glanced at Dano and he too had the same look of complete horror, because doesn’t one crying kid equal several?

We were happily greeted by the Director and she escorted us back to the classroom. THE BOY cautiously entered the class room and went straight for the toys, not interest what-so-ever in meeting his teachers or that MOMMY and DADDY were about to leave him.....I WAS SHOCKED. We did some Parental/Teacher business and then it was time for us to leave. We each gave our little guy some love and told him that we would be picking him up a “little later” and he happily said, “CIAO-BABY, Don’t let the gate hit you in your selfish butts!” Hahahha, not really but I know he wanted to stay that and probably a couple other things! We tip-toed out of the classroom so as not to disrupt the positive vibes THE BOY was having towards this whole school-thang. He Rocked.

I must have been engulfed in a cloud of emotion because I really don’t recall the drive to work, nor the first two hours of work, it flew by like a gusty Colorado storm. I am happy to report that I only called the school once and they told me, my child was having an EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD first day! That is until they make him take a nap! They won’t think he is very EXCEPTIONAL when he screeches in agony because they try to get him to nap! Not exceptional at all! They just might reconsider his admission to their school after nap time! Heheheheh.

The afternoon seemed endless but I was finally able to leave the office and I don’t think I have ever been happier to leave. I jumped in my car and raced my way to the school, which is less than five minutes away from my work. I can see the building from my office. I could not wait to get the full report on how the day went and all that he did. The excitement was almost overwhelming, I felt like a giddy teenager at a boy-band concert.

MY BOY had a fabulous day, EXCEPTIONAL!! He played well with the other children, happily ate all his lunch and snacks, took his nap without a binkey. I am sold! Anyone who can get my child to sleep with out the one vice that makes him tick is super AWESOME in my book, WOW. I am speechless. He had lots of fun learning about the shape, color and theme of the week. I am so happy and relieved that he had a great time and was happy when I told him he would be going back in two days, he was thrilled. I think we have a future scholar on our hands.

P.S. ~ When we got home, A-YA had “first day of school” presents for Landon. She totally showed me up, HAHAHAHAHA! I never even thought about gifts! She is seriously going to make her future kids proud.

P.S.S ~ He is now bouncing off the walls, beating up his A-YA, she’s actually calling for HELP! How cute, he missed her. OH-WAIT, now he’s tooting on her. My goodness, he’s wild. Where did this energy come from?

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