Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ramblings of a Working Mother

Random ramblings on the driving home yesterday

Need to do some grocery shopping!

Wow, it’s really cloudy out, I wonder if it will rain. If it rains I won’t have to water my lawn. GOOD!

Oh – This is a great song, “Well, I never saw it coming. I should've started running. A long, long time ago.” Chris Daughtry should have won American Idol!

Danny is going to the baseball game tonight, glad I don’t have to go. Baseball stinks, so political.

I wonder if Cowboy Josh is related to J.W. Hart, they look alike. Both equally cute. Heather needs to meet a cute guy.

Oops, just passed the grocery store, I guess I will pick up The Boy and go! Swell ide-er, the damn heels on your feet are aching.

Almost home! YIPPI

I wonder if it will rain while we are camping! Gotta get stuff ready for camping

Wow, the neighbors built a porch, nice.

Groceries, Urgh!! Maybe I can postpone the grocery trip. I despise the grocery store.

Hair looks horrible. I need to dye my roots and get a haircut. The Boy needs a haircut!

Gotta get The Boy ready for preschool, wash his blanket. When is the last time I washed that? The boy is really going to preschool, sad, I hope he does well