Monday, May 5, 2008

The Pumpkin Princess of Nebraska

Yesterday I got to snap some photos of my adorable friend and her future husband. Amie and I used to work together (and I hate that we don’t anymore). Amie is my Pumpkin Princess from Nebraska. Her family farms pumpkins (among other things). My son and I got the chance to visit the farm one fall day, we had great fun roaming the fields of pumpkins and learning about all the different types grown on her farm.

Amie is a great friend. When we worked together we spent many-a-lunches reminiscing about our childhoods and discussing different worldly topics, we are a lot a like and enjoy many of the same things…….like……..Arbys!!! Amie has a twin sister who is equally adorable and I enjoy when we all hang out and love watching the sisterly banter between the two….hehehehe!!

Shane is Amie’s “Lobster” and they love each other; like a farmer loves his tractors, like a girl loves her shoes, like a cowboy loves his horse…… you feel the love? They will wed this summer and Amie has asked me to be her Attendant and although I am not exactly sure what that all entails, I graciously accepted because I adore Amie and Shane is pretty cool (when he’s not teasing me) and any excuse to go to the farm and hang out with Amie and her family sounds a little fun to me.

I enjoyed the time spent taking photos of the lovely couple, they were very willing participants until I asked them to be “mushy” They cracked up laughing at me!!! We got some great photos, here are my favorite.

My Favorite Picture

Trying to be Romantic!

This photo is just too cute.

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