Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Old Lady

Let me Introduce You..........
Once upon a time there lived a fairy princess named Heather. She lived in the land of MOMMY ROCKS and brought great happiness to all her people. She was a sweet, kind gal with a heart of gold.

Today, is my sister's twenty-something b-day!! Happy B-day. My sister is my boy's best friend in all the world (MINE too). My sister graciously agreed to come live with us two years ago to help with the boy (My Family was scared for our new baby!) and so the two are very close and often speak a language of their own. My son calls her Aya and since it's such a cute nickname for "Auntie" the whole family has adopted her new name. Aya also has a niece EMMA, who totally adores her and prefers her over me every time.

Aya is the best; she cooks delicious meals, bakes the best chocolate chip cookies, is a tool belt Diva, is great with kids (she actually should have a dozen of her own), is SINGLE, Angelic like and just an all round PERFECT gal. I am a big fan.

For Aya's b-day we are taking her to this famous Country Club in our town, a place where a perfect single girl like her could find True Love (hahah i-joke). She is going to ride the mechanical bull (yes......she promised), drink many lite beers, meet a hot Cowboy, two-step the night away with him and THEN at the end of the night, she is going to make-out with him in his Chevy truck! Aya Rocks!

Happy Birthday Heather!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna make out with anybody.. My sister is crazy! But I will be riding that bull!!!!! Michelle I love you too, your the best.... I have the two best sisters in the world......