Friday, May 16, 2008

New Kids On The Block - Today Show!

This morning the New Kids on The Block performed on the Today Show, I was very excited for this was, hands down, one of my favorite bands as a teenager. I've waited for this event many, many years. I don't think I have been this excited in months! I awoke very early for this event.
Donnie, Jordan, Danny, Joe, Jonathan.......OH MY!!! NKOTB was definitely my first pop-star crush, I LOVED Jonathan and Danny. My cousin (Danielle) insisted that Jordan and Joe loved her more, so those were her men...........hahahah! My sister's had to share Donnie.
My sisters and I were all about NKOTB we had posters, t-shirts, dolls (Barbie ditched Ken for Danny, Jordan and Joe....Hoochie) and my sisters had NKOTB bed spreads!
Mom, where is all that paraphernalia?
It runs in our blood - Landon loved NKOTB, he's got "The Right Stuff"
He danced his tooshie off.

I was so excited about this TV event, it brought tears of joy to my eyes, seriously. It was great to see that thirty-something women with husbands and kids can still ROCK! NKOTB Fans Rule.

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