Monday, May 19, 2008

Television - Friend or Foe?

I am back from the land of sick-o! I don't think I have ever been sick for that long (six days) in my entire life! Well.......maybe with my pregnancy....Hahahhaha - KIDDING....BAD....BAD!!

It feels so nice to be out of the house and away from the TV, although I am currently suffering from One Life to Live and General Hospital withdrawals. The TV and I bonded while I was sick and banished to the darkest, furthest room in the house...hahahah. The TV is your friend!

These were some shows I took a liking to or already liked but fell back into like with!

1. Today Show - I loved when NKOTB performed and the wedding contestants, very good.

2. The View - I love the camaraderie with Whoopie and Sherry! Star.....WHO??

3. 2 Episodes of One Tree Hill - I think I found that "special" something to feel the void that The O.C. left when they so selfishly went off the air, sad face!

4. One Life to Live - I always secretly wished I was a Buchanan. Another soap I have watched since birth.

5. General Hospital - Old faithful..........been watching this since I was BORN!

6. ELLEN - I love Ellen.......I want to be her friend so we can brush each other's hair (wtf), sing and dance. My son LOVES Ellen, he gets real excited when she dances her way onto the stage. "Gawk-ka, Gawk-ka!"

I'll miss you my TV friends - Take Care until we meet again.

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