Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Trails To You

My Offspring, My Spawn, My Little Fella...........Isn't he cute?
Can you tell he's a little ruff with his cowboy hat? One side is inadvertently turned in while the other side spreads out far and wide. He's trying to start a new hat trend with the CO Cowboys!

While on the ONLY hike we took while camping, MY BOY found a walking stick and clung onto it for dear life. A boy and his stick

I love this picture because it really captures all of MY SPAWNS wonderful traits bestowed upon him by his awesome parents (poor child). His cuteness, his mischievous side, his sweetness, his moodiness, this picture captures it all.

Camping was a blast despite the bitter cold that swallowed us up and then decided it wasn't in the mood for a couple of "green beans" and spit us out like spoiled milk, gross! Chilly Willy, we did enjoy a long (I am talking a couple hours!) game of Monopoly. I don't really like playing board games or cards but since my entertainment options were limited I succumbed to the peer pressure and kicked some bootie! I am Monopoly Queen (of that camping trip anyway).

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