Thursday, May 22, 2008

Preschool Progress Report: Week Three

Once again my sweet boy was gushing with excitement this morning when we told him he would be going to "chool" (his way of saying school...awe) today. He happily got dressed, brushed his teeth and did his hair with little to no objections. I love and cherish moments like this: when he cooperates, when he is bursting with happiness.....It's just PERFECT. Life is more pleasant during these times and it's these times that your wish for more children.

I happily drove the speed limit (I tend to have a heavy foot on the gas) to "chool" and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot and My Sweet Boy caught a glimpse of where we were headed, he begun to sob, "NO, CHOOL, NO CHOOL! My poor boy. Great! I thought to myself pulling into the parking space, here we go again! We got out of the car, tears flowing down his cheeks and went into his class. I spoke to his teachers about his cough and runny nose (he was also victim of the camping illness we all caught) as he clung onto me for dear life quietly whispering, "Mommy, Go Home! Mommy, Go Home" Jedi Mind Trick...NICE!!!!! It was going to take a lot of convincing to get this kid off my hip. I hugged and loved him for a couple minutes and then attempted to hand him off to his teacher but he shrieked and clawed his way back to his safe perch on my hip. His nose was running, tears were steaming down his cute little face, my heart was breaking into a million pieces. I was reassured that once I leave he's fine and enjoys himself but at that point seeing my son so sad......I didn't care! My Momma GRIZZ tendencies were lurking in the shadows. I wanted to run to the car, (to Starbucks for coffee) and then to the security, safeness of our home but then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a large SNOT trail on my shoulder!!! OMG, the horror. The Boy wiped his nose on my shirt, LOVELY!!!

He was quickly handed over to his teacher and I walked very quickly out the door, shamed that I would carry my son's goo on my shoulder for the rest of the day. In a mad panic I quickly searched the car for something to clean my shirt with, of course there was nothing but a dried up pack of wipes, GREAT!!!

Once at work, I quickly walked the long hall to my office attempting to shield my snotty shirt with my bag and since my bag was not meant to be a shoulder bag, it was perfectly clear that I was trying to hide something! People starred as I passed, horrified by the snotty dirty shirt I wore. A bathroom! I quickly ran inside and cleaned up only to make a bigger mess with the paper towels and dumb soap (note: paper towels and soap don't mix well together). Good Times, Good Times!!

Life with children can be so MESSY at times!

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Life with children is messy - but sooo worth it! Great Blog!!