Friday, May 23, 2008

Bull Riding Babysitter

From time to time my LUVA (pronounced lvv-ah) and I like to go get a sitter so we can go out and indulge in things like sushi, a movie or if we are feeling real frisky a bar or night club. We really enjoy our date nights (I love them so much I want to marry them!) and try to do one at least once a month, twice if we are really lucky.

Since my sister has a life that is not succumbing to my every whine, we had to find a nice responsible, trust worthy babysitter, someone we could leave our baby with and not have to worry about limbs or teeth gone missing. I wanted a sitter who would play with my child at his level and just be a good-ol buddy for the boy. I looked far and wide and found a couple experienced gals but they did not drive and my husband felt they were a little young (they were registered babysitters) I thought he was making up excuses because he did not want to take me out and he had a touch of the crazy, so like all good wives I told him to find a good responsible sitter and he did!

Our close friends who actually had watched our boy on a couple occasions had two sons; one in high school (he’s a bratty pretty boy) and one who was 19 (he’s 21 now) . Both boys thought Landon was the coolest baby and were always very hands-on when he was around plus the older of the two boys had a very nice (adorable and pretty) girlfriend who also adored our son, a PACKAGE DEAL, the excitement was almost too overwhelming for me! We found a babysitter - HALLELUJAH!! Whoo-Hoo! Oohh……I forgot to mention that the fella is a bull riding Cowboy (Cowboy Jeff) and his lady friend (Cowgirl Katherine) is a tick-horse rider and a barrel racer…..good-ol-country kids, my heart skipped a beat. Landon would be in good hands while his parents partook in their shenanigans.

Landon just loves his babysitters and always seems to have a great time with them. Landon thinks Cowgirl Katherine is his Cowgirl!!! He and Cowboy Jeff are always fighting for her attention. When Cowboy Jeff learned that Landon would be going to preschool full-time, he told us that we could hire him full-time as Landon’s "Cowboy Mannie" and that he would teach Landon all about bull riding (we contemplated the suggestion). Cowgirl Katherine is just too cute with our boy. We have attended several of her horse shows/events and she always goes out of her way to come see Landon and if he's willing shower him with love.

When Cowboy Jeff first started coming over to our house he always wore his pants tucked into his boots, WHAT? I thought that look went out in the 1800’s, Little House on the Prairie Days! This style drove me batty and all I could think about when he was around and his pants were tucked into his jeans was to....PULL JEANS OUT OF BOOTS. I spent many sleepless nights lying awake thinking about jeans tucked into boots!

One night we went to a rodeo with the couple and I noticed his friends did the same thing, jeans tucked sloppily into their boots. I pointed it out to my husband and he “HUSHED” me, told me to forget-about-it but since I am a little on the compulsive side when it comes to certain things that make my skin crawl, I had to say something (this is where I should have listened to my husband and just sucked my big toe). “That is so gay, Jeff” I told him pointing to his pants and boots! “WHAT – HUH” he starred at me then let out a chuckle, then turned to his buddies and told them about my STRONG dislike for their style and then they all let out a little chuckle and one of them said, “It’s our thing!” I smiled, “Cool!” I said giving them a thumbs up (OMG, can I be more stupid or so out-of-touch with the younger folk). I immediately felt all eyes on me and I know those boys were questioning my style……after all……who goes to a rodeo wearing fancy heeled black boots (city girl boots), designer jeans and a RED-GAP INSPIRED SHIRT with a ski jacket…HELLO…..Dorky Mother-of-One! I was so embarrassed that I made up a story about how Landon needed another diaper change and ran to the car to hide!! I felt like Ugly Betty, so out of place and just so clueless.

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