Monday, May 26, 2008

Not Very Neighborly

I am happy to let you all know that I was feeling brave this afternoon and went in front and was a little steps!!
Is it horrible that I did not participate in the annual Memorial Day cul-de-sac bbq? I will confess that I really thought about it for a brief second and considered it might be a wee-bit fun for Landon to play with the neighbor kids as I received some well needed adult interaction. I really did think about it, BUT then it started raining and I couldn't take my recently sick son outdoors that just would not be right so we stayed indoors. Whoo-hoo! Saved by the rain.

I am not a very neighborly person, I say "HI" and "BYE" and actively converse with one of my neighbor ladies (once a year) but the other ones are lucky if they get a "HI" out of me. I am not ashamed of my behavior because once upon a time I was totally a good neighbor! It was a long time ago when my girlfriend and I lived in an apartment by the beach and we had three young neighbor fellas who used to cook dinner for us all the time. I loved those neighbors and I was filled with neighborly goodness.

I am just not into "CATTY chick games" and the women who reside in my neighborhood are those type of girls, Ewwe!!! The first day Danny and I moved into our happy little house in the suburbs, one of the neighbor ladies came over (baby on hip, younger child in toe) to introduce herself (I can't even tell you her name! yikes) and she said, "I am so glad you guy's moved in because the other two neighbors ladies are so catty!" Huh? Did she just say that? Nooo, she didn't....... Hahahha, Ooh.....yes she did, the rest of our conversation was a BIG blur. I slammed the door in her face (not really) and ran to our room and cried in the corner until Danny got home because it was all his fault he moved me to the suburbs! The suburbs! I've always lived in the country, city or by a beach and now I lived in the suburbs where every one's lawn was neatly manicured, where everyone had a-half dozen kids, where you were suppose to love thy neighbor and all the women stayed home!! I was very afraid for myself.

Danny is the neighborly person in our household (my sister is neighborly too!!) and it's because of him and all his neighborly goodness that we have not been voted out of the culdesac. He's always talking to someone or helping so and so. He's so nice!! Maybe someday I will be more like him, maybe there is hope for someone like me...............someone who is women-a-phobic (I just diagnosed myself with this horrible disease and we will chat about this later in the week).

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