Monday, June 2, 2008

Word of the Day: Craptastic

I am suffering from a major case of writers block as of late or maybe I have been real busy with house and MOMMY stuff? Stuff that I ordinarily put off (note: I don't willfully put off Mommy stuff) or choose not to do so I can blog and take pictures, FUN STUFF………..stuff I enjoy.

Stupid Chores #1: I did lot’s of yard work……………pulled lot’s of weeds. I hate weeds and more than that I hate pulling them!! Weeds are gifts straight from the Devil! I hate them and I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t confess my hate for them.

Stupid Chores #2: I also tried to keep the house clean, which is difficult when you have a two-year old who insists on turning ever room of the house into his play area. At one point or another you simply must give-up and go watch Season One of Sex in the City. Ooh – how I love that show.

Kicking Up my Heels: I did get a girls night out!!! Whoo Hoo. We went to see the movie Sex In The City. OMG………it was all that I hoped it would be and MORE. I loved it. I want to see it again and again. We all dressed up (wore our favorite heels) and went to dinner and then the movie. It was the best! Huge fan.

Lost Cause: My friggin heel broke coming into work today. My poor little heel got caught in one of the deep cracks on the sidewalk and since I did not bring extra shoes I am limping around like a freak and people keep asking me what is wrong!! I am not at all happy about the broken heel, these were my favorite sexy heels! I guess that is what I get for trying to wear sexy heels at work!! Urgh, I want to cry. I hate Mondays, they are ICKY.

Tasty Goodness: I discovered my new favorite beverage; Lipton PureLeaf GreenTea HONEY flavor. It’s yummy goodness and since my husband lives to please me………………..Saturday night he went in search for them (because Costco did not have them) and brought me home a whole bunch! TASTY. You must try one next time you are out and about, the goodness that resides within will knock your little socks off!!!

Discovered: My son loves wearing his new flip flops my sister gave him for his b-day. I am overly excited about this because I love flip flops and come the summer months I wear them all the time. FLIP FLOPS RULE………especially Reefs. That is the only brand I wear although last year in Vegas I bought some cute shiny, sparkly ones that I wear on from time to time.

A Big Funny: The other day my husband was giving our son “the talk” about when/where he should remove his clothes (and diaper) and Dano started the big talk out by saying; “Son, DON’T BE THAT KID…………….” And for whatever reason we both looked at one another and started hysterically laughing, while Landon got naked! Hahahahhahahahah. Parents say the darnedest things! I must go create a real post.............brainstorm, brainstorm!

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