Wednesday, June 4, 2008


How cute is this picture? I want to eat him.
Landon's Top Ten Favorite Things
1. Landon loves to ride bikes in our culdesac with the neighbor kids (morning, noon and night if we allowed such a thing) which translates into Danny and I becoming one with our neighbors!
2. WATCH NEMO - I will confess that sometimes I willingly put it on so I can have a moments peace but for the most part he begs and pleads to watch this Disney Classic. Thank the Heaven's he's not obsessed with one of those overly annoying "other" cartoons.
3. His Binky - When I first learned we would be having a child I was very anti-binky! My son was not going to be one of those kids - Boy was I silly and naive! The binky has been my savior the past two years but now we are having a wee-bit of a problem ditching it.
4. Not sleeping in his bed - Every morning I wake up and he's snuggled happily in between Danny and I - Where did he come from?
5. Basketball - We got LD a hoop for his b-day and he has been making baskets every day. He's good and I am so proud - He's following in my foot steps! Go Baller.
6. Bull Riding - LD likes nothing more than sporting his chaps and riding his big bad bulll (snail).
7. Playing Guitar Hero - LOVES to play Slow Ride. The other day he was singing the song and I felt so proud because that's the song played in one of my favorite movies - Dazed and Confused.
8. EAT TACOS - He asks to eat one every day
9. Giving me grief every morning I drop him off at "chool"
10. Singing along to all his favorite songs - It's so cute. I need to record him because it's so entertaining.