Monday, August 25, 2008

CUTE Little Blue Bundle of Joy

I remain fixated in Landon’s early photo files. This picture is another favorite of mine.

My Deaners was a couple months old in this picture. He was such a pleasant baby, full of giggles and squeals.
Notice the bib? Courtesy of Grandma Linda. My Deaners has a different name for each grandparent. It kinda makes me laugh because I called all my Grandparents, "Grandma" and "Grandpa" Just as plain as can be, no silly nicknames or special names!! My Mom is Grandma (she was very insistent on that name since she's been waiting for Grandchildren since 1995), Danny's Mom is Meme, Danny's Dad is Abelito, My Granny is GIGI (My Grandpa was G-PA) and my Dad is Papa Randy. So confusing, poor little kid.
OK back to my post.

Notice the ocean themed swing in the background of the picture, YEP, I was one of those Mommy’s. All my big items had to match and be of the same theme, or be color coordinated to match the overall theme. I choose the Ocean theme and lot’s of blue. Perhaps, too much blue now that I think about it but I didn’t have boys in my family so I decided to take it to the next level and go completely crazy.

I decided against an ocean themed nursery, not sure why? We went with a primary color theme (green, blue, red) and then put up Little Boy stuff. One wall is dedicated to his cowboy stuff, one wall is all things space and the other is dedicated to trucks, trains and cars. It’s a collage of stuff, which surprises me because I am usually super anal about everything matching and being of the same theme.

Landon notices nothing, except for the Cowboy stuff. He’s coo-coo for all things cowboy.

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Meg said...

Haha i love this post. I had all matchy items for Gage. Bbay swing, cradle, bouncer etc.

&all Gage's grandparents have a different name4 na4me,0 t3.oo0.0

yeah he i.s h2elping me type..