Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Secret Celebrity Crushes

The other night while eating dinner, some random news show on T.V. was talking about the latest Dancing with the Stars Contestants and I am not even exaggerating when I tell you, HUBS almost choked on his food when he heard that KIM KARDASHIAN was one of the contestants. He’s a big fan of Kim ~ mainly her booty! I couldn't help but "scold" him in good fun because he clearly was too excited about her being on DWTS.

I didn’t even know who MISS KARDASHIAN was until BFF-MARIA told me to watch her reality series. Supposedly, the show reminds BFF-MARIA of me, my Mother and Sisters. Hahahahhahah!! I was a little taken aback but after a couple episodes, I would have to agree that we slightly resemble the girls and the way they act with one another. Crazy!!!

Since HUBS openly shared his SECRET-hush, hush Celeb Crush - I will too but unlike him, my list is long and very distinguished, well.......at least I think so.

My SECRET - hush, hush Celeb Crushes..........get ready it might be awhile.

Hands Down #1 Crush!!!!
#1. Justin McBride - He’s such a sweet unsuspecting, innocent, adorable Cowboy. Not my type at all but still my #1 Celeb Crush. I think if I met him up close/personnel, I'd wet myself with excitement - no lie.

#2. Chester Bennington – Lead Singer of Linkin Park. He was my #1 crush for years and years but as I mature it is very important to have a respectable crush (Not that CB is not respectable - he is). The tats all over - Just not that into it anymore, although I still find him droolingly attractive and if I every met him I wouldn't pee myself, no, I'd jump his bones - Hahahahhahaha!!!!!

#3. Travis Landon Barker – Drummer for Plus 44 (Former drummer of Blink 182). Sweet Travis, he’s been a forever crush since way, way back. Notice his middle name? Hahahahahah! If I met Travis, I wouldn't pee myself or jump his bones. I think I would just want to chill-out, have a cocktail with him and maybe peck him on the cheek, Harmless.

And lastly………..
#4. Chad Michael Murray – Adorable sweet Lucas Scott from Tree Hill – CMM is a little different in that I really don't have a crush on him per say, it's more of a crush on his character from One Tree Hill. I don't think I would do anything if I met CMM, unless I was a character on One Tree Hill, then I would pull a Brooke Davis and jump his bones, pee myself and peck him on the cheeks. Hahahhahaha - I am crazy, I know this!

Love you HUBS!!!

I have to say looking at my list, I have a very eclectic group of “Hush, Hush Celeb Crushes” None of which resemble my real crush, the love of my life: HUBS!!! (actually if I had to choose one that closely resembles HUBS, I’d say a cross between Chad and Justin).

Who are your Secret - Hush, Hush Celebrity Crushes?

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