Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Long (much needed) Weekend!

This week has been a GREAT week, a perfect start to the holiday weekend.

Landon has had a great week. No overly-drawn-out temper tantrums, He’s slept in his bed all week (amen) and he’s having a great potty training week!

Great, great, great………….What more could a Mommy want for herself on this holiday weekend!

We have three whole days of a whole-lotta-nothing planned and I am surprisingly excited about it!

I am looking forward to being home with no plans after the busy summer we’ve had.

Perhaps, I will embark on a crafty mission of some sort, download and photoshop some pictures or cook-up some new recipes. The hours of productiveness are endless!

Unfortunately, I will confess on weekends like this, more often than not I usually find myself stuck-on LAZY. I find myself watching too much TV (or movies), reading to many blogtastic blogs, neglecting all yard and house work unless it’s absolutely crucial to the survival of the family, playing endless games of rodeo cowboy and golf with Landon and just being very unproductive in what I originally set out to do. HUBS has no objection to me being unproductive, because that means he too can lounge around, read up on sports, play endless fun games with our son and doesn’t have me nagging in his ear to “Help Me Do This” or can you “Come Look At This” or “You SO Need To Mow The Lawn” He can relax and I am sure after a ruff week, he would enjoy nothing more.

Happy Labor Day – I hope everyone has a productive weekend of CHIL-LAXING!

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Meg said...

Unfortunately, I work in retail and I'll be working all weekend. Have a great weekend though.