Friday, August 22, 2008

Party Like A Rock Star

In honor of me slaving away like Cinderella today.......I give you this.

Because I have no shame what-so-ever................

I am posting this little number in hopes that you all pray long and hard for my son, hahah i-kidd, i-kidd.

I found this picture the other day and thought long and hard about posting it, why you ask? Well because this really doesn't represent who I am or what I am about these days but OMG is it funny!!! Look at me? Would you say that I had one too many CRAZY RITAS!!! I think so. This was clearly years ago before I became a mother, an adult, hah.

Those other two weirdos in the picture are my Parents. What-in-tarnation is my Dad doing? Surely SINGING some joyous Christmas carole and my Mother? What is she doing? Face all tense, hands frailing about.........awe..........she's probably trying to dance along to my Dad's jingle.

Not exactly sure what I am trying to do but I think I was reenacting the nutcracker or perhaps giving Santa a little seductive dance in hopes for some great gifts, I dunno! I look at this picture and I am sad for myself, OMG - the horror. I remember the next day sitting at Christmas dinner and swearing up and down that my dinner roll had been soaked in tequila - no lie. I can still taste the sickness I felt for two whole days.

Luckily, Danny did not have the pleasure of experiencing this Christmas party, he was with his family.

After this "Party Like A Rock Star" escapade, my Grand Dad put a stop to my Aunt's wild Christmas Eve parties. I don't think he appreciated nor found humor in us (my Aunt and I) haunched over the dinner table, pale as ghosts, swearing we were being served warm, tequila soaked dinner rolls.

(Side Note: It has been brought to my attention that my last two posts have been about drinking and although I do enjoy an adult libation from time to time - It's not an every day occurrence and I want to remind readers that I am a responsible Adult who refrains, for the most part, from these type of shenanigans. Just keeping it real. If my next post is alcohol related - Call AA!).

I must go clean my house now! Cheers.

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