Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Crazy Rita

My sister has been working unusually long hours as of late and subsequently is suffering from a lack of SLEEP. She get’s a little silly when she’s tired and usually ends up doing something extremely hilarious which more often than not causes me to frail about on the ground laughing at her (can you feel the love).
Last night, I made us a yummy dinner (third night in a row – cha-ching!!!) and to go along with our yummy dinner I made my sister and I (well……actually…..Danny made) some margaritas. They were tasty, on-the-rocks, with no salt kinda margaritas – my favorite.

Landon has this new big boy thing where he sits at his “whittle boy” table to eat all meals and I don’t know why but during dinner he pleasantly demands that one of us sits with him at his table, OK, easy enough except for the table is a “whittle boy” table and was not made to hold anyone over, hmmmm……maybe 50 lbs!!! Since Heather is such a good Auntie she usually takes one for the team and sits with Landon on the cold, hard ground, haunched over her meal.
Where am I you ask? Sitting at the table in a comfortable chair, polietly eating my meal like a lady should.

Anyhow, last night was no exception there Heather was on the floor with Landon and her tasty margarita that I (I mean Danny) made for her. They conversed about the day and what Landon learned at school (how to kick the walls and furniture – no lie – damn daycare) and then the following conversation unfolded.

“Aya – What that?” Landon asked pointing to the tasty margarita about to grab it.

“No – this is Aya’s drink. It’s a Crazy Rita!” She tells him taking a gi-normous swig of her margarita.
WHAT THE HECK???? Danny and immediately stop mid-bite and start laughing!!!

“What did you say?” I ask.

“ I called the drink a Crazy Rita! Cuz if Aya drinks to many of these she becomes CRAZY RITA, besides you can’t tell him the real name because then he’s going to go to school and tell his teachers and friends that we drink Margaritas and that's no cool for a two-year old!”

“What, What a minute! Sooo you tell him it’s called a Crazy Rita? Well…….now he’s going to go to school and tell everyone that Mommy and Aya drink Crazy Ritas at dinner, explain to me how that is better?”

By this time, Danny has fallen off his chair in hysterics, Landon is chanting – “CRAZY RITA, CRAZY RITA!” the dog has gone to hide in the living room and Heather and I have gone on a CRAZY RITA tangent. Can you say chaos?

“Crazy Aunt Rita has come for a visit, she’s a wild one that Crazy Rita!”

“ Mommy and Aya get wasted on Crazy Ritas!”

“Crazy Rita, Crazy Rita!!”
Next time you order yourself that tasty Margarita - Call it a Crazy Rita, give a little chuckle and see what happens!

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Kelley said...

Ah yes, lovely, crazy, Rita. She and I have been so close at times. Rita is a harsh mistress, though. She makes me feel invincible, she makes me believe that I can dance, I can sing, that I'm the best looking, funniest woman in the room. And then Rita makes me quite ill, with a pounding head and a dire need for sleep in a dark room. I still love her, though!